Monday, November 30, 2009

Name Bubbles Allergy Alert Labels

I wanted to share a peek into my son's daycare cubby. Having a child with food allergies, I tend to batten down the hatches and label everything.

Recently I had a casual interview and was asked what inspired Name Bubbles. As a working mom I had used labels from several other companies, but I became kind of frustrated with their limited options for styles, colors, and personalization.

This became very necessary with Cooper's food allergy - one of his allergies is a little unusual and is found in a lot of candies and baked foods. I wanted to be able to add all of my contact information and instructions right on the label. This level of customization was not available before Name Bubbles. So really I was designing around my own needs and I am happy that our labels have also helped other parents with medical alert labels and detailed allergy labels.

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