Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bubbly Solution Solves "Mommy, Where's My..."

Thank you to Jaime at wineglasslipper.wordpress.com for her review of our Name Bubbles Labels. We've provided a portion of the review below, to read the entire entry, please click on the title above.

Well, this year I’ve discovered a solution that is not only simple but looks super cute – and my kids love it! Say goodbye to that ol’ Sharpie marker and hello Name Bubbles. These identity stickers are waterproof and water-resistant. They are adorable, easy to use, dishwasher safe, survive the laundry, and guarantee that on that one morning (just the one) that you’re running late you won’t forget to label the sippy cup!

Name Bubbles, found at http://www.namebubbles.com/, come in a variety of shapes and sizes with fun icons to make personalization recognizable for kiddos who are too young to read their name. My children sampled the full daycare package, which includes Name Bubbles that are laundry and dishwasher safe, so we have them on everything. After hearing wonderful things about this product, I figured we’d be pleased with our Name Bubbles, but I have to say that I continue to be impressed with what these little labels can survive.

I’m thinking Name Bubbles are my gift solution this season for the difficult-to-buy-for kiddos in my life – a fun, unique gift that is not only useful but can help make life a little easier for both kids and parents…and might help to control the heaping overflow of the lost-and (not yet) -found at school!

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