Monday, September 5, 2011

Cooper Land

While attending my son’s Preschool graduation, which I know sounds over the top, everyone could see that the teachers and the kids worked really hard on their performances and it was a lot of fun. Before the children came out to receive their diplomas, the slide show of their time together was being played to the song “Don’t Blink”. To the teachers’ dismay and my very good fortune, the audio on the slide show presentation was skipping terribly. It was perfect, it kept me laughing; I didn’t want to focus on how quickly the last five years have gone by.

In the reproductive timeline of life, my husband and I met near the end; a day doesn’t go by that I don’t find myself very thankful that I am a mom. My biggest fear as a working parent is that I may miss something, a magical moment, during our time apart. I am sure this is something that so many mothers and fathers go through. Nothing seemed more difficult than the first few weeks we started daycare.

As we begin another chapter of life, I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed and I make sure that between the melt downs and stubborn streaks, we share as many special moments together as possible. I’ve included the Cooper Land (spoof on my son’s favorite game) collage that was made for his Preschool graduation and I am wishing everyone an easy transition into their new school, new class and daycare this fall. Thanks for listening and be well…Michelle

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