Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Name Bubbles Contest – Where Do You Bubble?

When we sat down to write our mission and core values, we kept coming back to “Your happiness as a customer is our promise to you”. The words best expressed how we felt and from that day on it just stuck.  But, how could we know if our promise was being delivered to you, our customer? Well, you let us know.

Every Tuesday morning in our weekly meeting, our customer service manager shares your comments and suggestions with the rest of the Name Bubbles Team. Everyone looks forward to hearing from you – our customer, and we all get pretty excited when we know we’re doing a good job.
Many of your comments and suggestions are new and inventive places you stick your labels. Because of your enthusiasm for creative Bubbling, we’re happy to announce that we’ve redesigned our weekly contest so that you’re in the driver’s seat!
So what’s new?
Now when you upload an image of how you use your personalized Bubbles, you’ll also have the opportunity to vote for your photo and invite friends and family members to vote, too.  It’s easy, simply ‘Like’ your favorite, share with friends, and watch in real time as the votes are tallied.  The entry with the most votes wins and all other entries stay in the running.   So, if you don’t win this week, you’ll still get your chance to be a winner.  Each winning entry is added to our Winner’s Circle, given a FREE order of our Fun Bubbles (a $18.88 USD value, plus free shipping) and also gets posted on our Facebook page.  
We love seeing the creative places and spaces where you Bubble Up!
Come check it out: visit or click the contest button on our Facebook page, 

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