Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Than A Laundry Safe Label - Have Fun With The Bitty Bubble

Growing up with sisters, you learn to hide your favorite lipsticks and nail polish - these things had a way of disappearing. Some of it was probably left at a friends house, and yes, I was guilty of pillaging myself.

So, when mom needed to settle those disputes over whose Bonnie Bell Watermelon lip balm it was, a painful ordeal took place for the young parties involved.

Later in college, I really honed the skills of preservation. My favorite bottles and sticks of color would be quietly tucked away. Sometimes I was careless, I would leave something behind and I understood that no-one would know who to return it to, the rules of "Finders-Keepers" would come into play.

For these times, and to avoid the rule of "Finders-Keepers", we recommend our Bitty Bubbles. We love these little guys. A fun and durable waterproof label, small enough to go on the bottom of your favorite nail polish and cute enough to stick and press on your cosmetics.

We originally designed these labels for laundry care tags but they are super practical for so many other items. You'll receive 112 bitty bubbles in a book, a lot of waterproof labels for a great price. http://www.namebubbles.com/labels/laundry-safe-labels.html

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Julie said...

oooh so cute!!

my sisters and I sure could have used these!