Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bubble Up Your Bags

Do you have a black medium sized suitcase? Yep, me too. Do you find yourself leaning over the shoulder of the person standing next to you at baggage claim - perhaps straining your eyes to look for something that makes your bag stand out from the others? Well, I did at one point.

Since I've bubbled my bags, baggage claim is a lot less stressful. I can spot my bags or luggage from a good distance and I know my name is securely stuck, even if the identification tags are torn loose.
This big label (Big Bubble) is one of two styles that Name Bubbles offers. They are personalized with the information that you want to show, if you prefer a cell number or e-mail address that will work too. Before you take your next trip, you may want to think about bubbling your bags. Visit to view our Big Bubble and Super Bubble waterproof labels.

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