Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You Lost What?

Last winter, while I was still kicking around the idea of creating Name Bubbles, my husband (David) had a nice day at the mountain by himself. He skied without me, which means he skied hard, fast, and had a lot of runs. Even though he grew up skiing and is usually pretty good about grabbing all of his gear, this time he left a key item behind...his pants. Not just any pants, these were the pair he had been waiting and looking for, they had all the features he wanted.

He arrived home exhausted, unpacked his bag and dropped his head, "You're not going to believe this, I forgot my pants." To me skiing is a luxury, I am never happy about how much we need to spend on equipment or clothing, personally I think it's all a little crazy. However, to my husband, it's a necessity, the mountain is his place of relaxation, perhaps meditation. Wisely I bit my tongue, I knew how upset he was at himself.

The next morning was Monday, David got into his car and drove back to the mountain but there were no pants. He looked through the lodge, checked the office, looked in the lost and found - they were gone. He couldn't understand that someone would take them and not turn them in. This is when it hit me, if things were labeled, there's a better chance that people would turn them in. If something has a name or phone number on it the rule of "Finders-Keepers" may not apply as easily. So, before you gear up for your day of skiing, remember to "Bubble Up" your gear.
Following is the link for our Sports Pack, it provides a nice mix of label styles, some of them have extra room for contact information in addition to a name for those big ticket items.

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