Monday, December 21, 2009

Staying Warm with Name Bubbles

Our little one has a serious case of "Train-on-the-Brain", it's all consuming. He talks about the pistons and how they push the driving rodes, which push the wheels - I am not kidding, I have to look at the books he carries around to make sure I know what he is talking about.

That being said, we decided to surprise him with a Santa Train ride last weekend. Even though the cars were heated it was cold, really cold. Looking through my pictures I noticed that my son's Name Bubbles for both his glove and his hat made it in the photo. With his gloves I do label on the outside, they are too easy to lose and I don't want to take a chance of cold fingers where we live. The laundry safe Bitty Bubble is on the hat just under his chin and I have one on the care tag on the inside of the hat. I have had a glove returned a time or two and I am always so thankful, not only does it save money but there are times in the winter season when it's hard to find gloves that fit. Winter gear doesn't stay on the shelves until the snow melts. Remember to Bubble Up and stay warm this winter. Have a Happy Holiday!

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