Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Name Bubbles Save of the Week

I will admit that we've gone through a number of the pocket size Lightning McQueen cars. They stay in my son's hand when we are at home or out running errands and it's always a mad dash to find the one with the smile (without the tar mark or tongue sticking out). I didn't realize that the same car has 5 different styles and he is sold on the one look.

Our first tragedy occurred at Ruby Tuesday's and I was certain dinner would end in a meltdown -McQueen took a wrong turn and I couldn't fit my hand down between the booth and the wall to rescue him. The second was between the ski lodge and the car. Finally, on our third McQueen we pulled a recovery - Yay!

I am very excited about this... It had been a couple of days when I realized that my son had it with him in the car-cart at the grocery store. Running back to the car with a cart full of bags and the snow coming down, I forgot to check the front of the cart for the toy. It had been two days (a lifetime for my son) so I checked customer service when I went in to do my shopping. The woman immediately said, "Yes I do!" and pulled out a box. Voila, there was Lightning McQueen ready to go home for some more adventures with a very happy Cooper. A big "Thank You" to the parent who turned the toy into customer service. :)

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