Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Big Thank You To "An Island Life" For Your Review

We've provided some of the "An Island Life" review below, the entire review can be found through the link at the bottom of the post.

The first thing I noticed were the adorable labels themselves. Mine were brightly colored with ladybugs on them. There were a few easy instructions, the most important ones being to take care that there are no air bubbles under the labels and to wait 24 hours before running items in the dishwasher or laundry. Easy enough. I decided to place one label on a sippy cup and one label on my daughter’s winter coat. I waited 24 hours and then washed both.

My Results: I now see why Name Bubbles won an iParenting Media Award. Both labels adhered perfectly to the items through the dishwashing and the laundry. I’m impressed….especially with the laundry safe labels. They are just so practical. If your child is in a daycare, church nursery, playcenter at McDonald’s (the shoe area), or school and sports activities, you know just how easy it is to lose something. Here’s a simple way to help prevent that.

Health: I was really excited to see Medical Alert Labels as part of the products you can purchase. How nice for parents to be able to attach these to backpacks, lunch boxes and even documents when their child has a special condition that might require immediate attention.

For adults too: I forget to tell Name Bubbles that I wanted my daughter’s name on the labels, so all the labels came with my name on them. That’s okay, I still put my stickers on her items. So, I started to think of all the ways that I could use them too. The first thing I did was immediately put them on my craft scissors. Sometimes when you are scrapping with friends or at a crop, it’s easy to grab others’ items. The Mini-Labels fit just perfect!


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