Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Name Bubbles Launches "Bubble Up" Fundraising Program

“Bubble Up” program members earn a 15 percent commission on referral sales of Name Bubbles personalized name labels.

We’ve designed our "Bubble Up" program to be easy to use, transparent, and as seamless for our fundraising partners as possible. Name Bubbles not only supply and ship the labels and track referral commissions on a unique program page for each partner, but we also provide our "Bubble Up" Web banner ads and other online marketing materials, so all they need to do is sign up, place their ads, and start earning their commissions from referred sales.

Like Name Bubbles, the “Bubble Up” fundraising program is easy to use. Here's how it works:
  1. A visitor clicks on an advertising link or banner on a “Bubble Up” partner’s Web site, promotional email, Facebook page, etc.
  2. The visitor's IP address is automatically logged by Name Bubbles and a browser cookie is placed in his or her browser for tracking purposes.
  3. If the visitor orders (the order need not be placed during the same shopping session--cookies and IPs are stored for 90 days), the order will be immediately registered as a sale for the partner’s organization.
  4. If the visitor has turned off their cookies on their Web browser settings, then the “Bubble Up” system will check for the partner’s Web site IP address.
  5. Name Bubbles reviews and approves the sale.
  6. The “Bubble Up” partner receives commission payouts via PayPal on the 15th day of every month, after the minimum balance reaches $100.
Fundraising partners are also given their very own program page, so they can view detailed statistics about traffic and sales; plus, partners can choose their own news and training materials, Web banner ads, and text links.

You'll find the "Bubble Up" program from our homepage at:

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