Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tough & Tested Laundry Labels

As warmer weather takes hold -- and as water shoes, swimming suits, and towels start making an appearance -- the Name Bubbles Team would like to remind parents that our laundry labels (and all of our waterproof bubbles) are laminated for extra durability. And they are not affected by insect repellants or sunblock, which is important now that mosquito season is approaching!

We’ve recently redesigned our Bubble Toes with a cute flip-flop shape. Thanks to a new lamination process they no longer need the protective overlay step, so affixing them is a single-step process. Bubble Toes stay firmly stuck to the inside soles of any shoe. It’s also a fun way to remind kids which shoe is left and which one is right.

Don’t forget! While they’re designed to remain stuck to items permanently, all of our labels can always be removed with intent, which also makes them a perfect choice for clothing handed down to family members, donated to charity, or sold at consignment shops.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love the laundry labels - mine last forever!

I have yet to label my kids shoes (it's either laziness or forgetfulness - take your pick!) but I LOVE the foot labels for beach balls and outdoor items. They are cute, practical, and visible, which has kept us from losing several toys at the playground!