Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Enter To Win Our "Awesome" Daycare Labels Pack

Hi, NameBubbles aficionados,

I wanted to let you know about a wonderful review we received for our “awesome” Daycare Labels Pack in 365 days: +30 Mommyhood (excerpted below).

There’s also a NameBubbles giveaway afoot on that site, and it’s open until this Friday (April 2, 2010). To learn how to enter to win a FREE Daycare Labels Pack, just visit 365 days: 30+ Mommyhood (http://365daysofbeing30andamommy.blogspot.com/).

Good luck with the contest! I also hope you enjoy reading these excerpts from our fabulous 365 days: +30 Mommyhood review – we sure do:

In the daycare pack you get dishwasher safe labels so that you don't have to worry about relabeling bottles, as well as laundry safe labels so all of Abby's extra clothes won't get lost (and I don't have to use the old school "write her name on the label with a sharpie" thing). And you also get some fun water resistant stickers to put on odds and ends that may be left at daycare like diaper cream or lotion bottles or her personal toys.

And of course I had to test them out for you. So here are some shots of the dishwasher name bubbles. And trust me, they are before and after, though you can't really tell the difference, b/c they are just that awesome...

I tested putting the name bubbles directly on the clothes as well has the separate label, and they each did perfectly fine. And again here, you can't tell the difference b/c they are just that awesome.

Overall, I was really impressed at how all the laundry and dishwasher labels performed. And the dishwasher ones have gone through several more times after the pictures above were taken and they are still securely on.

Name Bubbles also has some other packs that I think I will be getting in the future as Abby grows like their school pack and their camp pack. (Though they have loads of other packs to choose from.) I have a feeling we are going to become fast friends with this company.

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