Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bubbles To Share

Keep Your Friends and Family Sticking Around

During our first year of business we received a lot of feedback from our customers, and I want to thank those who took the time to call and write us about products they wanted or product and Web site improvements that you thought we should make.

One request we received from more than a few parents, was the ability to order a few labels for each child or have the ability to give labels to friends and family members as gifts. Because of this feedback, we created our Sampler Pack, which includes 6 personalized sheets of 14 labels (a total of 84 labels) for $18.88. The sampler pack allows six friends or family members to have 14 personalized labels of their own, -- three different styles of labels for each individual.

All of our labels are waterproof vinyl and laminated for extra durability. Each sampler sheet includes two Bubble Toes or shoe labels, six Bitty Bubbles for a child’s garments on the go, and six dishwasher safe Mini Bubbles that can be used on sippy cups, water bottles, and toys.

So, if you love to bubble, we now have bubbles to share. To see our Sampler Pack and Name Bubbles labels, visit or

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