Sunday, March 14, 2010

Name Bubbles Luggage Labels

Our neighbor is commuter-plane pilot, and he mentioned how often small overhead suitcases get mixed up. He also said that even the pilot’s black bag in the closet at the front of the plane is at risk. With Spring Break already upon us (and Summer vacations getting planned) we are pleased to offer our uber-useful Luggage Pack to keep travel confusion to a minimum!

The Luggage Pack includes your choice of 8 Super Bubbles or 8 Big Bubbles and 8 Square Bubbles – all with your name and contact information, such as, e-mail, phone numbers, or your address. No need to worry about your bag tag being torn off, because your luggage labels are designed to stay firmly affixed to your luggage, even under the worst treatment by luggage handlers.

Our labels are waterproof, weatherproof, and laminated for extra durability. Before you take off, be sure to visit for our luggage labels. And enjoy your vacation!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea! We all know that virtually every piece of luggage is black! Maybe this will get people off the plane faster!