Monday, June 14, 2010

Momma Findings Review Of Our Allergy Alert Labels

Allergy Awareness: Alerts That Stick With Name Bubbles

As long as my toddler has a severe food allergy, I'll continue my effort to support companies and products who help families like mine stay safe. Last month, I've featured allergy safe food and hip allergy jewelry your kids can wear. Today, however, I've got a method that will really "stick".

I get a little carried away with protecting my little one, but I kind of have to. He's 3-years-old and is severely allergic to peanuts. He's my Epipen carrying little guy, who has now learned which candies he can and cannot have. It's amazing to see him when he's picking out Lunchables, "Uh. I can't get that one, it has a peanut candy." So, while he knows which foods he can have, often times, his caregivers don't. Every little reminder helps, especially on his eating utensils. Name Bubbles has you covered and specializes in Medical and Allergy alerts that stick to just about anything helping my toddler voice his allergy to everyone around him.

Momma Findings Family Thoughts:

When I was asked to review Name Bubbles, I grew a little hesitant. If you've been around Momma Findings you know I've worked exclusively with a different Label Company before and probably know all there is about label options for families, but Name Bubbles was different. I, immediately, discovered a few differences in our Allergy Alert Labels compared to our previous tags from the other company. Some of these differences were merely about the storing and packaging of the labels, but others could make a difference in saving my child's life.

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