Monday, June 28, 2010

Mommy Loves It!

We love it when Mommy Bloggers review our product, they are a trusted source for parents and will put the labels to the test. I've provided the "Does Mommy Love It?" review below. Make sure you visit the link at the bottom to enter into the Name Bubbles giveaway.

My son and his playmates are often participating in outdoor activities. The older he gets, the harder it is to keep his items in one place. With all the sippy cups, toys, and other belongings flying around, name labels have now become a necessity. My favorite is Name Bubbles!

Name Bubbles carries waterproof and water resistant vinyl kid labels that can be personalized in name and design. You have so many options for your child’s stickers so that your items are easily recognized. They also make a line of Baby Labels that are waterproof, durable, and laundry and dishwasher safe! I place as many of my son’s containers and drink cups as possible in the dishwasher, and these stickers haven’t aged one bit! I’ve yet to see labels with this much longevity.

Once you decide which kind of label you need, it is time for the personalization part. Name Bubbles allows for a variety of details for your stickers such as, Allergy Alert Bubbles, Mini Bubbles Shaped Bubbles (football, flower, car, heart), super sized bubbles, and more. In addition to shape and size you have an array of color options. I was a bit overwhelmed when designing my sons’ labels. I could not believe all the options they provided. We settled with blue, red, and white car labels and they have worked perfectly for his items!

As many of you mothers know, leaving a bottle or snack container at the park or a friends home can happen often, so personalizing your child’s things is imperative. Whether you are dropping your kid in daycare or Sunday school, or sending your kid off to camp, these labels make sure their belongings are secured.

Name Bubbles is offering a label pack to one of our readers! Simply visit Name Bubbles and leave a comment here with your thoughts and favorites!

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Lauren said...

Can't wait to get some Name Labels for my little guy. Kaden will be 2 in October and we will be sending him to a Early preschool program 3 days a week. These are a must have! Sharpie just isnt going to cut it for me :) I am really impressed with all the reviews I have seen about Name Bubbles.