Monday, August 2, 2010

Back-to-School Time with Name Bubbles School Labels

Name Bubbles school labels keep back-to-school purchases coming home; saving families time and money by avoiding the lost-and-found box.

Name Bubbles, press and stick labels are made with an eco-friendly, non-toxic ink. A perfect choice for labeling the many items kids use at school and during their afternoon activities.

For school uniforms, athletic equipment, and school supplies – the Name Bubbles personalized School Pack provides a mix of label styles that are durable, washing machine and dishwasher safe.

Kids have a lot to remember and Name Bubbles labels help them keep track of their things. If a personal belonging has a label, other kids will know to whom it belongs, so there's a better chance of getting it back. Plus, Name Bubbles are fun, have flare and add a little character.

Name Bubbles School Pack provides 144 labels in a variety of styles, these include:
  • 8 water resistant squares – perfect for big ticket items, these labels have room for contact information 
  • 8 water resistant rectangles – made for binders, folders, notebooks, and school books
  • 36 water resistant minis – labels for art supplies and the many pencil box items
  • 2 extra large water resistant rectangles – a label for your locker, favorite binder, or subject folder
  • 56 laundry safe tags - press and stick kids clothing labels, for quick and reliable labeling
  • 16 shoe labels - shoe labels are often needed for the gym and after school activities
  • 16 waterproof rectangles - water resistant labels with a lot of contact information for big ticket items
  • 2 extra large waterproof rectangles – great for backpacks, sports bags, or any favorite item
The Name Bubbles School Labels Pack is available online for $35.50 at

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