Monday, November 7, 2011

Harvest Time At Name Bubbles!

Harvest Time

Our office is all a buzz with team members discussing the various things that will make up their unique Thanksgiving celebrations. From traditions to travel arrangements, all our Thanksgivings will have one thing in common: Family, Food and Friends.

When creating Name Bubbles’ Harvest Theme Giveaway, we wanted our press-and-stick Harvest Labels to double as kid-friendly name labels and a possible family-friendly project. Thanksgiving is, after all, a time to give thanks, come together, laugh and love. The two projects – place cards and napkin rings - were easy and fun. You could certainly dress them up with Calligraphy with italic ink and monogram cloth napkins.

Another great use for our Harvest Labels is to claim Thanksgiving leftovers! Label your take-out and Tupperware containers with your personalized labels and you’ll be ready to whip up late night turkey sandwiches or another creative leftover recipe.

So, how can you get your own set of Harvest Them Labels? It’s easy. They’re our gift to you all month long, so if you haven’t received yours, here’s how it works: For every Value Pack purchase you make during the month of November, you’ll receive a sheet of eight (8) dishwasher safe personalized Harvest Theme Labels.

Don’t forget to share with us how you use them!
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Harvest from Name Bubbles,

Michelle Brandriss, Founder & CEO

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