Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Labels That Keep Winter Gear Coming Home

My eyes were barely open when I heard my husband discussing our weekend plans. The fact that it’s the first weekend of December means the Brandriss Bunch will be hitting the slopes. No more Saturday sleep-in for Mom. Skiing is what we do this time of year, every year; it’s something that means so much to my husband.

Even though I’ve been doing the ski family routine for years, it’s always a bit of a culture shock for me. Once I am on the hill I love it, but making it all happen at 6:30 am every Saturday morning is a lot for me. I’ve finally learned a trick or two but most of my prep happens the night before. My husband, on the other hand, amazes me…he usually whips up pancakes, dances a jig or two and loads up the equipment before my son, Cooper, and I clear the morning fog from our minds.
I married a ski fanatic, he grew up racing and lived as a ski bum in Colorado for a couple of years in his twenties. Our vacations and holidays almost always include snow. When I told him that Name Bubbles made the Vacation Issue of Ski Magazine he immediately took me out to dinner to celebrate. In his mind, Name Bubbles hit the “Big Time”! Over the course of dinner I made the mistake of mentioning how I had sent labels via FedEx with his name on them but they had already taken the photo for the issue. He was devastated! “You mean, I could have had My Name in Ski Magazine but you didn’t think of it in time?” He was right, it was a missed opportunity and - even worse - I told him about it. Ugh. What a great Christmas present that would have been for him. Perhaps the opportunity to be in Ski Magazine will come again, but you will begin to notice my husband’s name on many product shots - just to be safe. I’m certainly not going to make that mistake twice.
I’ve included a photo of the three of us and my son’s skis with his Name Bubbles at the end of the 2011 season. Labeling all of our gear is something that I do every year; I like to use the Bi-level Fun Bubbles for our skis, boots and poles. I typically provide my cell phone number in the tagline should someone need to reach me while we are at the mountain and of course to return any equipment that might get left behind. I also use NameBubbles Allergy Alert Labels on Cooper’s helmet and the front of his jacket indicating his peanut and nut allergy and they also have our contact information if the ski school needs to reach us. Of course, his socks, gloves and fleece are also stuck with personalized clothing labels; which ensured that were able to recover a black ski glove last year at the ski school because of his name label. Snow gear is expensive, so remember to bundle up and Bubble Up before you and your family head out the door. Keep your focus on the fun - not the lost and found.

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