Monday, January 2, 2012

Name Bubbles Top Ten For 2011

The Name Bubbles Team wishes you and your family a wonderful 2012!

As we begin a new year together, we thought you might get a kick out of the top ten serious and silly things that Bubbled Up for us in 2011: 

1 - Toms - We love these shoes, but more importantly we love how the company's One for One program helps kids of all ages throughout the world. Stay tuned for their super cute ballet flats coming out this spring, we can't wait!

2 - Water for People - Is an amazing organization that provides safe water for communities all over the world. They were our partnered non-profit for Name Bubbles' 2011 Bag Tag Campaign and we were able to donate over $14,000 dollars to the organization through your participation!

3 - Pinterest - A new and addicting social media tool, this site encourages you to 'pin' images of things you like to your own boards and share our finds with others. It's quick, easy and will pull you in from day one! 

4 - Fitbit - Lauren Rose, our Director of New Business Development, received her Fitbit for Christmas and has become such an advocate for the device that she has started a Fitbit community for Working Moms. or to learn more about this great health tool visit, 

5 - Teal/Turquoise - Have you ever noticed that everyone looks great in the color turquoise? Well, we did and it quickly become our favorite color of the year. We found it in earrings, rain boots, tees, handbags, wallets, and accessories in 2011. 

6 - Infinity Scarf - If you live in mild or cold conditions, an infinity scarf is a great accessory that adds style to any outfit. With the different textures and colors, we hope these scarves will be with us for years to come.

7 - Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds - Yum! These little nuts help tame those afternoon sweet treat cravings. They made the list because they're our healthy go to snack and someone always has a box of them handy.

8 - Sophie The Giraffe - We find this classic chew toy hard to resist.  Both cute and a little bit creepy, Sophie is sold just about everywhere.  Who can argue with a baby's need to chomp on the foot or head of this quasi-cute giraffe? or,default,pd.html 

9 - Royal Wedding - How could you not get swept up in the Royal Wedding? The weeks of media build up gave us endless opportunities to discuss marriage, dresses, and more. When the big day finally came, oh the hats! Those whimsical and wonderful choices kept us giggling for days. We loved it all, and of course we wish a long and happy marriage for the royal couple!

10 - Tasteology - So, the reason why the Fitbit is making such a hit at Name Bubbles is because we are also food lovers! We often find ourselves perusing this site and using the tasty recipes at home . Thank you to everyone who posts those family recipes and what tricks you've discovered in the kitchen that we can all enjoy!

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