Monday, December 8, 2008

About Name Bubbles

You guessed it - we're parents too!

After years of using other people's labels, we decided to make our own. In fact, I happen to love labeling - it makes me really happy. Anything that I can do to help keep track of the many things one needs to remember with a little one while adding a little personality is a huge win-win.

Though I was happy with the durability of the waterproof vinyl labels a few businesses were using, I really wanted more design styles and colors. I felt like all the labels in the daycare class looked the same, the boy pack and the girl pack.

So, in addition for getting more for your money, we've expanded the design choices, color palettes, label sizes.

Our waterproof labels (Dishwasher Safe and Laundry Safe) are made to stick through some pretty serious conditions. The Fun Stickies are also made of a superior vinyl label but have a water-resistant backing.

All of our labels are created with a non-toxic, soy based ink that infuses to all of the vinyl labels when they are produced, making them all durable and tough for a family to use.

We know, there is a perfect bubble waiting for you.

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