Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Name Bubbles Labels - The Durable Waterproof Label

Located in upstate New York, the Name Bubbles team have our share of winter stories. Luckily, I have a husband who loves to ski and made sure I gave it a try when we moved to Saratoga Springs.

Skiing has become our weekly ritual, driving an hour back and forth to the mountain. Because of this, I thought my rocket box (on the top of my car) would be a perfect place to show just how durable our waterproof Name Bubbles labels are.

I will be updating this post once a month with a new picture of the same giant label until springtime, when the rocket box is taken off.

I grew up in a very mild climate, unless you live in cold conditions it is very difficult to explain how cold it gets. I am hoping my pictures of the ice and snow well show just how durable our waterproof (and weatherproof) labels are.

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cat said...

wow.. it looks very cold.. how much snow did you guys get.. we are only about 30 miles away.. and we hardly got anything.. which I say is good news..