Thursday, February 4, 2010

Avoid Trouble When You Bubble

What do you do when your children lose things?

It is very tempting to automatically replace their favorite ball or truck when they are young, but as they grow so do the price tags on their personal items. It is difficult to stand firm and have children replace items. As parents, we hope they will learn the value of their belongings and the financial consequences of losing them.

Yet we also remember what it was like to be young and children have more distractions than ever. Because of these reasons, and that their toys and tools are expensive, it is crucial to label everything. For big ticket items, I love our square bubbles. In addition to the name, there are three lines of personal information for your e-mail, phone numbers, or address. Our square labels can be found in several of our label packs, including school labels, camp labels, and sports labels.


Anonymous said...

What about making a teacher pack? It wouldn't need to include laundry safe or bubble toes, just waterproof and fun stickies. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Excellent idea! Thank you, thank you. We have a few additions on the table right now, this is a great one to add. :)