Friday, February 26, 2010

Dad’s Little Ripper

My husband will pick up joke gifts or novelty items for our son when he’s out running errands. Some are great…the $5.00 pocket train that ran non-stop for 3 month, or the pull-back Mini Cooper that buzzed across the kitchen floor. Then there are some like the squishy panda bear that lost its black paint in my son’s mouth and the mini whoopie cushion.

When the cushion first arrived, my husband and son played with at the kitchen table and my son would laugh to the point of choking during meal time. After a few days, the novelty wore off and I removed it from the kitchen and put it in one of his cubby bins thinking it would be forgotten. Not so…and I do confess that I am embarrassed about this post.

Before bed on Thursday nights, my son and I walk around the house and talk about what to bring for Friday’s show-and-tell. He pre-empted our weekly routine, placed the mini whoopie on the counter and announced that he wanted it labeled for show-and-tell that week. Seriously?!! Out of all the toys and books we have, the first item he picked to be labeled was a whoopie cushion.

About the title, I found this tidbit and wondered how many men and their sons attended the event. In 2009, a company produced the world's largest whoopie cushion and called it “The Big Ripper”.

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