Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You Forgot Something

My son and I dashed out of town for a quick overnight at the Flanagan family lake house “Innisfree” for President’s Day. Cooper was thrilled to see his cousins and I would have some coveted down time with my sister. The house is filled with toys from several families and different generations; for many it is a wonderful home away from home. While packing I had managed to sneak Cooper’s keyboard into the car, I was avoiding the sounds of his favorite drumbeat, duck quacking, and keyboard pouncing tunes during the two hour drive.

In the morning, after my usual cups of coffee and my son treating himself to one minor tumble down the basement stairs (a game of hide-and-seek), a hurried good-bye came too quickly. It was tough getting my little guy in the car, he loves his big cousins. I had driven to the main road when my phone rang and I heard, “You forgot something.” I quickly asked what it was, I was willing to leave a sippy cup or sock behind. I heard the news…it was a toy worthy of turning around for…the keyboard. As we pulled into the driveway my niece ran out with the toy and handed it to my son, he was thrilled and immediately pushed the on button. I turned the car around and smiled, happy that I had put a label on it but wondering how much patience I would have. Fifteen minutes later my smile came back, the noise stopped and Cooper was asleep.

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